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2024 Free Scrap Collage Paper Download

I've made free collage papers available in the past. They are wildly colorful original pages of my favorite collage bits grouped together and I call these pages Scrap Collage Paper. I have made available them as a single (6-page) PDF file, all ready to print from a standard printer.

I had great fun making them and I hope that you have fun using them.

You can print as many as you like and use them in your own work. I've had people use them for origami, to make custom envelopes, and more.

The button below links to a PDF with 6 pages ready to print off.


Download PDF • 4.92MB

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1 Comment

Roseanne V. Sabol
Roseanne V. Sabol
Jan 14

Thanks so much, Jennifer. 🩷

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