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Jennifer's Fall Collage Challenge

I've always wanted to launch my own little on-line collage art challenge and I am finally doing it! Consider yourself challenged to use the vintage Italian illustration here of leaves to make your own original collage.

I'll be featuring all of your collages in my Instagram stories, and will do a blog feature on them later in the fall.

So that I can see your works of art, please either email a photo to me at or post and tag me on Instagram, where I am @jenniferwilkinpenick. You can also use the hashtag #jennifersfallcollagechallenge.

I can't wait to see your collages (mixed media or not), and you are welcome to use the whole image, or to cut it up and use all or some of the parts.

You can download a PDF by clicking on the button below.

Download PDF • 3.96MB

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