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We're getting ready to leave on a 10-week road trip and I'm gathering materials and inspiration before we depart.

While on the road I'll be continuing to take part in the annual "100 Day Project", a sort of personal challenge in which artists commit to making something creative for 100 days. It started on February 13th, and I'm still striving to make 100 days of paper quilts. I post photos each day (most days?) on Instagram (where I am @jenniferwilkinpenick) and I'm using two hashtags: #100daysofpaperquilts and #jenniferspaperquilts, which you can follow. Please send suggestions for quilt-square prompts/ideas.

I will also be working in a sketchbook while traveling, gathering ideas for an upcoming on-line workshop. I've been collecting inspiration from a number of books and will hopefully be putting to use lessons learned from artists/authors Helen Wells and Shelley Rhodes, as well as from Tansy Hargan (on instagram as @palimpsestparade).

Please consider following along as I am inspired by our road trip.

I will hope, in turn, to provide some creative inspiration to you.

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