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Series of FREE Quirky Collage Bits

I've got two weekly classes starting this Fall: Altered Book Weekly Workshop and Weekly Collage Drop-in. For each class, I recommend collecting some images that you find interesting. It's so annoying to get a good prompt for a collage or mixed media piece and then spending a lot of time scouring your books, magazines, and papers for an image that would fit nicely. So consider collecting an envelope of them starting today. You may even have the time to cut each of your images out, so that you have some ready-to-use collage bits that really interest you.

To help you brainstorm, I am sharing some things that I have cut out that speak to ME. You are welcome to print them (my "Quirky Collage Bits") and use them, whether you are signed up for one of my classes or not.

You can download the PDF by clicking on the box below. And stay tuned for more pages of images that I'll be sharing in the coming weeks.

For more information on my upcoming classes, or to register, go to my website:

Free Quirky Collage Bits1
Download PDF • 13.69MB

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