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FREE "scrap collage paper" download

Updated: May 1, 2023

Happy Spring, friends,

Some days I just feel like organizing more than working on actual projects or artworks. I was looking through my collage paper drawers the other day and came across a lot (a lot!) of bits that I'd saved. And so I made something new out of them and I am passing it on to you.

Many of the bits are unfinished collages or ones that just didn't make the cut. Often they have multiple layers and are on thick backing, which makes them more difficult to use in new collages. There are some great textures, combinations, colors, juxtapositions, though, and I decided to save them by making new compositions out of them.

These new collage "crazy quilts" really only work printed out. By printing them I get the color and texture, but not the awkward bulkiness. AND they have the added bonus of being easy to share!

Would you like to try using my collage paper downloads? I'm sharing my favorite 4 here, and if you enjoy them, I'll post more. (I made 10 yesterday!) Just print them out [link to PDF below], cut them up as you see fit, and have fun. I'd LOVE to see what you make with them. Maybe tag me, or use the hashtag #jennifersscrapcollagepaper.

Download PDF • 2.79MB

Download PDF • 3.30MB

Thanks for looking,


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