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Happy New Year: Paper Birds (with templates)

Updated: Oct 31

This isn't the first year that I have used "paper birds" as a creative prompt in my classes, but it proved to be so popular this year that I am sharing some inspiration and my seriously simple templates here.

Photos in this post show:

1) Paper birds simply cut from the pages of magazines or museum catalogs. (You can see me cutting these in my 36-second Instagram video here.)

2) Upcycled paper birds cut from unfinished (or just didn't-make-the-cut) artworks. (I love upcycling old artwork.)

3) All 49 of the paper birds that I cut to be new year's cards this year.

The process is super simple:

1. freehand draw or trace my bird download (below) and make yourself a sturdy template from lightweight cardboard or cardstock

2. trace and cut bird shape from interesting paper, painted paper, discarded artworks, old greeting cards, magazine or catalog pages. You get the idea.

3. glue to blank postcards or greeting cards and send your birds out into the world!


By clicking on the buttons below you can download a template that gives you 4 birds from a standard sheet of paper, or one with 6 smaller birds, in case you want to use them to make gift tags.

4 birds template
Download PDF • 25.93MB

6 birds template
Download PDF • 38.90MB

Happy (creative) new year to you all and thanks for following along!

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