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More art made by Creativity Jumpstart class participants

If you have read my previous blog ("news") post about my work with Georgetown Hospital's Arts & Humanities Program (AHP), or if you are one of the hundreds of people who have taken the free on-line classes that I offer through the AHP, you know about the wonderful response that there has been to my weekly hour-long classes, called "Creativity Jumpstart: De-stress with Art" ... and you know what a wonderful community of creative kindred spirits that participants have found in each other.

Here in my blog I am occasionally taking the opportunity to share some of the art made by participants in my Creativity Jumpstart classes. Each week I propose a technique or a creative prompt, and then each of us interprets it in our own way. We use whatever materials we have handy, we take things in different creative directions, we share our work, we talk about it, and in doing so we have both created a wonderfully encouraging and non-judgmental creative community, but also an impressive body of artwork.

Today I am highlighting some of the projects (for which participants have sent me photos). This project involved first looking at the work of some contemporary Australian aboriginal art, namely art that employs "dot painting". While we did not try to borrow traditional symbols or even techniques, we nonetheless took inspiration from the patient embellishment of shapes, using repeating patterns made of dots, lines and dashes. The slow formation of rows of dots encourages relaxation and allows for a free exploration of shape, color, and mark-making. Participants' works use a wide variety of materials, and here you see a great variety of results.

Stay tuned for more participant artwork in the coming weeks! And click on the links below to see more student art (green button) or for information on how to sign up for one of my free classes (pink button).

Note: The images of student works that I am sharing here are just some of the work produced in class. There are too many to easily share, so I chose a somewhat random selection that fit into my photo layout,

Also please note that I will not share names here, but if you are the artist and would like me to credit you by name, please let me know.

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