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Summer sale on in my shop

Some of you followed by Index-Card-a-Day (ICAD) project this spring, I made two little works of art each day (they are designed to go together as a set) this spring. I explored simple, whimsical, cheerful, fairly abstract compositions in a small (3x5 inch) format.

I'm now having an economical end-of-summer sale, from September 9-23 (2 weeks). I'm selling several diptychs from this series, each for $80, which includes a double-beveled mat and shipping. You can see them on my website: ICAD Diptychs.

Each small work of art is signed and dated on the back, and then mounted inside a double beveled mat with removable silicone dots ... + first class postage in a sturdy cardboard mailer. The mat can be popped into a standard 8 x 10-inch frame, which makes these super easy to frame or to give as gifts.

All orders ship September 24th, as I will be away for a few days.

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